Another Tale of Love

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I will ask no more of life than this:

that I might love you through all my days,

And as our hearts get intertwined,

Our lives will become one-

Never for us to walk alone again.❤️✨

With lots of joy in our hearts we merrily announce to you the Walimatun- nikkah of our ever-gallant brother, Bro. Hammed Temitope (STA, 400L) and his beloved, Sis. Sabityu Shamsiyya

Which will In sha Allah come up on the 17th of December, 2022 at Soun Town Hall, Ogbomoso, Oyo State.

Save the date, you all are invited.

We pray to Allah(SWT) to put lots of Barakah in the marriage and grant them children that will be the coolness of their eyes. Aamin.

P.S: Check the flier for more details.

Further information will be communicated in due time.


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