COVID-19 Prevention Materials Every Student Should Resume With

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Recently, The Federal University of Technology, Akure made an announcement for the resumption of Academic Activities on campus and this announcement also did mention the COVID-19 Prevention Protocols.

For students who might not be fully aware of the situation, MSSN FUTA decided to share you with the COVID-19 Prevention Materials every Student Should ensure to resume with – in accordance with FUTA COVID-19 Prevention Protocols.


COVID-19 Prevention Materials Every FUTA Students Should Resume With

1. Face Masks

If someone is ill, wearing a face mask can reduce the number of germs that the wearer releases and can also protect other people from becoming sick.

Students are encouraged to resume with Face masks and wear it in the school premises.

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2. School I.D Card

When coming back to school, students are advised to enter the school premises with their school Identity card just in case you’re approached for verification of your Studentship.

If possible, you can use the Lineyard to wear the School identity card around your neck.

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3. Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a liquid, gel, or foam which is generally used to decrease infectious agents on the hands.

While the University will provide sanitizers and handwashing points at strategic places for use, students are also advised to also come with their personal hand sanitizers.

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We wish all students a happy resumption free from all forms of harm or evil. May Almighty Allah make this semester a successful one for us all. Aameen


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