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Ramadan Day 21

Friday 22nd April, 2022.

Asalamu alaykum warahmatullah wabarokaatuh dear brethren,

Allah bless the poet who said:

O you, who’s mischief did not suffice him in Rajab,
So he continued disobeying his Lord in Sha’bān,
The month of fasting came to shade you afterwards,
So don’t make it another month of disobedience,
And recite the Qur’ān and praise your Lord diligently,
As it is the month of Qur’ān and praise,
How many did you know of those who fasted before?
Amongst family, neighbors and siblings,
Death has ended them and left you alive after them,
But you are not far from their destiny!

Seek the forgiveness and bounties of Allah this last ten nights. Run towards Allah in Repentance and make this a turning point in your life. Maximise this last ten nights of Ramadan. This is an advice for me & for you!

Once Again,
This is the final lap!
It is not over until it is over!

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