[Episode 2]: The Forbidden Women in Islam and Rulings Attached

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Welcome back to the 2nd episode of the topic: Forbidden Women In Islam. ( How’s the ride going?)

Q6: Oookayy. Could you highlight those women whom we are temporarily forbidden from marrying? Brothers would love to hear that.

A6: Yes, they should also be mentioned. Collectively, they are:
1. Marrying two blood sisters at the same time. (i.e. the first must be broken up with intentionally or unintentionally from the legal union before the other can enter).
2. Marrying one’s wife together with her paternal or maternal aunt.
3. Another person’s current wife, be he a muslim or non-muslim.
4. A pregnant woman until she delivers.
5. A woman whom one has already broken up with three different times in one marriage. Until she marries another man and that man willingly breaks up with her afterwards intentionally or by accident. Another condition is that the man must have had intercourse with her. If not, that must take place before she can return to the first man (whom she broke up with three times).
6. A female polytheist until she becomes a muslim. Note that this is different from a christian or a jewish woman (People of the Book).
7. Marrying another woman after marrying four wives until one of the current wives is divorced or dies.
8. Marrying a prostitute (especially when she considers it as a profession).

Q7: Hmmm, clear explanation. It’s understandable for a Muslim but why should a muslimah know all these.

A7: That’s a good question, it is very important for a muslimah to know about it for the following reasons:
1. For her to know who she can be married to.
2. For her to observe who she can display her beauty or adornments in from of them. For example, she can display her beauty in front of her father but not her uncle’s son (i.e. the son of her father’s brother or sister – male cousin).
3. For her to know who she can’t be married to and as a result will never be able to travel with them (if need be).
NOTE: Talking about this issue, we mean those who can permanently not marry her. As for those who can not marry her temporarily, the case is different.

Q8: So how does the concept of Mahrom relate to this topic?

A8: A lady’s mahrom are the category of men who can never marry her like her father, her blood brother and so on. Linguistically speaking, it is more appropriate and correct to say each of these men are dhuu-mahrom (ذو محرم)
Then they are all dhawuu-mahrom (ذوو محرم) in plural.
This means men also have their mahrom (i.e. women they can never marry), each of these women will be called dhaatu-mahrom, (ذات محرم) and the plural will be dhawaatu-mahrom (ذوات محرم).
Hope that is understood.

NOTE: The husband is not one of the mahrom based on the aforementioned definition, but more powerful than any of the mahrom especially in a situation like keeping her company when traveling.

Q9: But wait! What should be done if such unlawful marriage happens ignorantly?

A9: The marriage must be torn apart immediately by the family members, the muslim leaders or the muslim community, after solid findings.

Q10: What if they had children already before that was found out?

A10: Na’am, since it was out of ignorance, Islam recognizes those children as legal children. Still, people should know make thorough findings before getting married so that they will save their faces and their children’s faces from people’s ridicule despite that the religion has freed them from such chain of derision.

This marks the end of the BEAUTIFUL SESSION. Baarokalloohu feekum.

How was the ride, did you enjoy it ?

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