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One of the most challenging problems we’re facing today is nothing but this so-called TREND

Muslimah Trend

.. To the extent that we MUSLIMAHS of nowadays are almost after nothing other than this TREND.

And that’s when you will be hearing “that is what trends now”. My dear sister, Nothing is called trend nowadays except what As-shayton has beautified.

This is the reason why we MUSLIMAHS must know and understand what is called fashion within the fold of Islam.
Fashion is not about wearing what is trending and misleading Rather it is wearing what pleases your Lord, what makes you looks Unique (within the folds of the religion).

In the name of this TREND, we have turned the Hijab into fashion. The hijab that was meant to be used to cover our adornments is now an Adornment on its own, all in the name of TREND.

My dear sister, Trend towards what will benefit you on the day that it will be only you and your deeds.

That is why we should be asking ourselves some questions before buying anything for ourselves such as;

Why do I need to buy it?
Who are the categories of people that are using what I want to buy?
If I buy it and use it, Can it tarnish my image of being a Muslimah?

My dear sister if people are calling or tagging you as “Eleha to TREND
Then, You really need to Check yourself.

Do not get me wrong, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t try to look decent or be outdated, of course, we can have a sense of fashion but we have to follow the guide sent down by Allah, through His Messenger (SAW).

And what guides us is how did the pious predecessors have done it that made them to be counted among the people of Paradise.

My Adorable sister in Islam, Should I inform you of that which makes you feel like you want to trend or be in trend??

It is an Inferiority Complex and lack of Pride for your religion.

These can only be tackled by having sound and proper knowledge of your religion and acting sincerely in accordance with that knowledge.

May Almighty Allah increase us in wisdom, knowledge and understanding of His Deen. May He count us among those that will be steadfast in following the way of the Messenger and the pious predecessors in all our affairs.

And May Almighty Allah takes it away from our hearts, the love of what will not benefit us in this world and the hereafter.


By Ameenah bint Abdulwahaab.


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