#InTheLightOfRamadan Poem and PROSE by Alfurqan PRESS, Day 19

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Ar-Riyyadho is exercise. It is the natural way of extending good health through some physical activities of the body. As Muslims, Ar-Riyyadho, aerobic activities ie, is highly advised for the medics and physiotherapists says it is what brings physical and mental health alertness to the body.

For instance, there are about 10 great exercises of the body that would naturally make your body come back to great position, shed some weight and entirely remain fit. These include:
1. Push-ups
2. Squats
3. Bicycle manoeuvre
4. Pull ups
5. Swiss ball hamstring curls
6. Triceps dips
7. The lunge
8. The side bridges
9. The single leg squat
10. The lateral shoulder raise

Brothers and Sisters, kindly forget the English. You can engage in skipping, dancing, walking, swimming if that’s what your strength has the capacity for. Those are also exercises—at least when done at about 20mins regular interval of time.

Performing Ar-Riyyadho is really beneficial to the body. Research has shown that some of its benefits include: a lowered blood pressure; an increased mental alertness; prevents obesity ie keeping your body in shape; increases muscle strength of the lungs, heart and the entire body amongst others.


Ar-Riyyadho is no new thing, even amongst married couples. In fact, it was reported that Muhammad Rosululah (SAW) used to engage his wife, Aisha (RA) in a soft racing. That’s to show how efficient it can be.

Also, it is pertinent to mention that the security personnel of every society takes exercise and training with seriousness. Taking FUTA MSSO for instance, every Sunday morning, Ar-Riyyadho is regularly carried out on the field where everyone exercises their bodies via instructions from the CSO commandant. Islam needs solid and strengthened armies who engage in regular exercise to keep fit. You should be one too.

As a writer on this platform, it is expected that you weave your thoughts together and write a mind-blowing piece on the aforementioned topic. Kindly remember that the best two writers of Al-furqan Press MSSN FUTA are awarded at the close of the Week.


All aforelisted writers should write a 150-200 words prose (short stories, essays) or poem on the topic using the ff format:

_1. #Day19 (Open with this hashtag)_
_2. Topic (Write down the topic)_
_3. Writeup (Write the piece)_
_4. Your Name or Pen Name_
_5. #InTheLightOfRamadan #MSSNFUTA
(End with the hashtag)._

“`Pls feel free to write. Anything would do except plagiarised contents!“`

NOTA BENE: Kindly drop your work on this platform as soon as you are done with it. All writers are also enjoined to share the graphics of each day’s topic on their Social Media channels for the sake of publicity.

Deadline for Day 19 Submission is 5pm in the evening

Jazakumullahu Khair!


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