#InTheLightOfRamadan Poem and PROSE by Alfurqan PRESS, Day 20

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Human wants are insatiable. The desire of everything good is an inborn trait inherent in the chromosomes of the human genetics. She wants everything good to be hers. Every perfect thing she comes across! She fails to realise that even Allah (Aazawajal) has termed man “a creation who isn’t 100% Perfect” for Qadar will come to pass and he will always be in need during the course of his sojourn.

It’s very unfortunate that Sisters today are on the search for a non-existent “Perfect Brother”. They want a ready made husband who has achieved and arrived to pay their dowry and get them married on a platter of gold. They’re much interested in men who recently finished top courses in Engineering, Law, Medicine and have already secured well-paying jobs in Oil companies and top multinational firms. They don’t mind if his per capita income is to the tune of six zeros too.

They want to “chop the life of their heads”. They want him handsome and good-looking. Nice, charming and well-kempt. An haafiz of the Holy Qur’an and a muhaadith of Rosul’s sayings. Yes, those are just few of their requirements. Without them, that brother shouldn’t even move near them talk less of proposing marriage to them. He rather must be “The Perfect Brother!”. Something that can only be achieved in their dreams. If wishes were Horses…


Sisters are obsessed with wanton desires in a man of their dreams. While it’s entirely good to have a reasonable standard of requirement in choosing a life partner, it’s prostesterous to day dream. Better still, coming to terms with reality is the most advisable. They should go for what their minds dictates but that’s after taking all necessary instructions as stated by Allah in the Qur’an and the Prophet’s (SAW) Hadiths.

They can give that young man with good character and an impeccable commitment to Islam a chance to rule their world. Although he’s just graduated and is still on the look for a well-paying job, but he’s not lazy and he’s earning something worthwhile to at least run a modest family. Let’s descend from the world of fantasy and squarely face reality: there’s no perfect brother!

As a writer on this platform, it is expected that you weave your thoughts together and write a mindblowing piece on the aforementioned topic. Kindly remember that the best two writers of Al-furqan Press MSSN FUTA are awarded at the close of the Week.


All aforelisted writers should write a 150-200 words prose (short stories, essays) or poem on the topic using the following format:

_1. #Day20 (Open with this hashtag)_
_2. Topic (Write down the topic)_
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_5. #InTheLightOfRamadan #MSSNFUTA
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Pls feel free to write. Anything would do except plagiarised contents!

NOTA BENE: Kindly drop your work on this platform as soon as you are done with it. All writers are also enjoined to share the graphics of each day’s topic on their Social Media channels for the sake of publicity.

Deadline for Day 20 Submission is 5pm in the evening

Jazakumullahu Khair!




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