#InTheLightOfRamadan Poem and PROSE by Alfurqan PRESS, Day 21

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‘Zawaj’ is an ordained phenomenon by Allah (Aazawajal) in the coming together of a man and woman legally in Islam. It is a social contract called ‘Nikkāh’ binding two lovebirds to live as eligible husband and wife.

Verily, a good home is pivoted on a couple of things. Topping that list is a great sister turned wife. Since time immemorial, Brothers know quite well, how important to a marriage is, a good wife. They’re well informed that a wonderful wife is all they need to have a peaceful home and well-trained children. Hence, everytime they are ready to get married, they’re quick to look for a zawj that has all the essential features that tick their requirement list.

They like her best if she’s educated and intelligent. A beauty with the brain. A soft, non-loquacious but confident young lady who possess good character and is, of course, morally upright. She should be skilled in home care services—most importantly cooking; She should be well-kempt and be clean to a fault. Her beauty must be a radiating sunshine that brings smiles to people’s faces everyday and she must compulsorily be a practising Muslimah. A top-notch Hijabi with serious commitment to the religion. A passionately fluent reciter of the Qur’an and an astute believer whose Eeman climbs the sky high. In fact, it won’t be an understatement if she’s from a wealthy family as that’s nothing but an added advantage. There’s no mistake in her creation at all for indeed she is the perfect sister.


Although it could be argued that Brothers are not necessarily obsessed with wanton desires in a woman of their dreams as womens do. Nonetheless, it’s quite imperative to still map out their specs. Brothers are much determined to marry a partner with whom they’ll together build a family. To get this done, few think they need a perfect sister to make that dream come into reality. While the dream is achievable, be it as it may, the requirements are too much and rather preposterous. When Istikhaarah is done amidst all other marital rites as specially explained in he Qur’an and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad, there surely would be no cause for alarm.

As a writer on this platform, it is expected that you weave your thoughts together and write a mindblowing piece on the aforementioned topic. Kindly remember that the best two writers of Al-furqan Press MSSN FUTA are awarded at the close of the Week.


All aforelisted writers should write a 150-200 words prose (short stories, essays) or poem on the topic using the following format:

_1. #Day21 (Open with this hashtag)_
_2. Topic (Write down the topic)_
_3. Writeup (Write the piece)_
_4. Your Name or Pen Name_
_5. #InTheLightOfRamadan #MSSNFUTA
(End with the hashtag)._

Pls feel free to write. Anything would do except plagiarised contents!

NOTA BENE: Kindly drop your work on this platform as soon as you are done with it. All writers are also enjoined to share the graphics of each day’s topic on their Social Media channels for the sake of publicity.

Deadline for Day 21 Submission is 5pm in the evening

Jazakallohu Khair!



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