#InTheLightOfRamadan Poem and PROSE by Alfurqan PRESS, Day 29

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After a wholesome 29/30 Days of fasting and intense worship, Eid is established upon the sight of the new moon of Shawwal. Muslims greet themselves “Eid-el-Mubaraak” and felicitate with one another amid cheers and merry making. Indeed, Fasting is gone. The veins are moistened. The reward is certain. If Allah wills.


Allah Aazawajal instructs the believers in the holy Quran to fast for his sake and equally break the fast with a trip to the praying ground where a two Rakah nawaafils is established to the joy and excitement of the Muslims.

However, Ramadan 1441AH occurred amid a worldwide pandemic, hence Fatwas and instructions had been given by healthy muslim scholars, responsible Islamic Leaders and reputable Government authorities to suspend the regular Eid prayers. Muslims have been enjoined to pray at home as social distancing remain kept and ban yet to be lifted on public worships.

Life’s only ephemeral. The worship of Allah is constant and general. And so shall we do the obvious. We shall pray at home, feast with our families and remain happy even as the world gradually recover from the unfortunate health scare.

As a writer on this platform, it is expected that you weave your thoughts together and write a mindblowing piece on the aforementioned topic. Kindly remember that the best two writers of Al-furqan Press MSSN FUTA are awarded at the close of the Week.


All aforelisted writers should write a 150-200 words prose (short stories, essays) or poem on the topic using the following format:

1. #Day29 (Open with this hashtag)
2. Topic (Write down the topic)
3. Writeup (Write the piece)
4. Your Name or Pen Name
5. #InTheLightOfRamadan #MSSNFUTA
(End with the hashtag).

Pls feel free to write. Anything would do except plagiarised contents!

NOTA BENE: Kindly drop your work on this platform as soon as you are done with it. All writers are also enjoined to share the graphics of each day’s topic on their Social Media channels for the sake of publicity.

Deadline for Day 29 Submission is 5pm in the evening

Jazakumullahu Khairan!



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