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As salaam alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuhu, dear muslim freshers

We hope the registration is going well and isn’t too stressful? May Allah ease it.

We know a lot amongst you are just trying to find your footing and you have a lot of questions about various things.

Freshers otientation

Fret not dear brethrens, MSSN FUTA has dedicated a whole week from Friday 16th to the Tuesday 20th February to give you the rudiments of how things run on this great campus

You shall be educated on how to balance Deen and academics to avoid wastage of time and energy!

The week shall be filled with educative, inspiring as well as fun-filled programs that’ll leave you hoping for more, BiithniLlah.

Join us after Jumu’ah prayer at the Futa Central Mosque to Kick-start the Freshers Orientation with the Campus tour

Yes you heard right, let’s us show you FUTA

Tell a friend to tell a friend, you can’t afford to miss this!

May Allah in His infinite mercy spare our lives till then and beyond!

With love ,



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