Ramadan 1442AH (2021) Countdown – 27 Days to Go!

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Verily, Ramadan 1442AH is drawing closer to us just as we too are moving closer to the blessed month.

In respect of this, the MSSN FUTA PUBLICITY COMMITTEE had decided to start a 30days Countdown which will be shared across all of our social media platforms 👇

🌹27 DAYS TO GO!!!🌹
Ramadan 1442 A.H is loading

27days to Ramadan

📆 Today’s Date:
03 Sha’baan, 1442 A.H
17th March, 2021

Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:

The Messenger of Allah (īˇē) said, "By Him in Whose Hand is my life! You will not enter Jannah until you believe, and you will not believe until you love one another. Shall I inform you of something which, if you do, you will love one another? Promote greetings amongst yourselves."


🔰 To Feed a Fasting soul this Ramadan, KINDLY SEND YOUR DONATIONS TO THE ACCOUNT BELOW 👇

Zenith Bank
Muslim Students Society of Nigeria, FUTA BRANCH.

Donations in terms of provisions and foodstuffs are also welcomed. 😇

đŸ’Ŧ For More Enquiries, Kindly Contact:

Ameer Ismail AbdulHafeedh
☎ 08161885095

Bro. Akinrinade AbdulAzeez
Chairman, Ramadan Planning Committee



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