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The 3-Day Muslimah Convention: A never-to-be-missed experience.

Reported by Fawsiyyah Lamidi, Friday, July28, 2023.

The 3-day Muslimah Convention held from Friday, July 21st, to Sunday, July 23rd, 2023. The program kick-started on Friday, after Jum’ah with the opening prayer as well as an inter-faculty quiz competition and movie night. It was a really amazing start and it left the attendees anticipating for more.

On Saturday, the Convention continued this time with the TechTalk. This was quite insightful as it showed muslimahs how they can get into tech, what to expect and how to go about it. After this, was the News Discussion hosted by the Al-Furqan Press. This was another very interesting episode as the topic discussed was one which you wouldn’t resist listening to: Fuel Subsidy Removal: The key to Nigeria’s success or a disguised punishment for Nigerians. As one of the speakers for the News Discussion session, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was able to give my ideas and point of views amongst seniors. I also learnt a lot listening to other people’s ideas and their view of the situation. It was super fun.

Later on, we had some games and giveaways were held.
The guest lecturer later arrived and the lecture on the topic “The Modest Trailblazer” soon began in earnest. I must say, she did a really amazing job with the topic that when she was done, a lot of us, the audience were left feeling inspired, encouraged and absolutely ready to be true modest trailblazers. It felt as though the lecture shouldn’t end. Quite a number of questions were asked, after which we gathered for the next agenda which was the marriage talk.

No arguments, this was super amazing! I would say the convention was indeed a bank of knowledge. We later had the health talk and Quran competition with of course interludes between to keep us all active and ready for more.

Sunday rolled in and it felt like we shouldn’t have to leave. We all engaged in cleaning the masjid and it’s environs, after which we went for the skill acquisition class. We were taught how to make beads into beautiful necklaces, bags and the likes.

It was nice because we had the hands-on experience where we all tried to make a keyholder with a beautiful pattern.

The prizes and souvenirs were later shared and it was soon time to depart. Personally, it was a full learning experience for me and I can categorically say I did not leave the way I went, I had gotten more knowledge and met new people. God willing, there’s no way I would miss the next.


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