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Snippets from the last USRAH Class (sun July 30,2023)
BY Ameer Sirajuddeen Abdulazeez (former Ameer, MSSN National)
Reported by Quadri Nahim

You want peace of mind? Go to the house of Allah.

The Masjid literally means “a place where we prostrate or worship.
According to the shari’ah, Masjid refers to a place which is established for observing the 5 daily obligatory solawat. It extends to any space in one’s house where tahajud is observed or the obligatory solawats if one is unable to go to the masjid.

NOTE:A very big masjid is called JAAMIU

1. It is a symbol of faithfulness.
2. Going to the masjid is act of Ibadah because rewards are earned just for taking steps towards the masjid.
3.Building masjids and contributing towards building them serves as a SODAQOTU JAaRIYAH (continuous sodaqah).
4. The farther a person is from the masjid, the more their rewards when coming towards the masjid.
5. Going to the masjid can help a person seek forgiveness from Allah.
Going to the masjid is the practice of the sohabah, tabi’in and salafiyyun
6. Masjid serves as a protection from Shaytan
7. The masjid also brings calmness to the heart because it is the house of Allah, the Most Merciful

Indeed, going to the masjid regularly has a lot of spiritual and mental health benefits. It is something that we all should leverage on.

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