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Assalaamu Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuh beloved sisters

muslim hangout

Trust you all have been great. And the exams? Going smoothly, I presume. May Almighty Allah make you all come out in flying colours.

Today, I’ve come bearing premium news for the sisters.(Brothers should watch out for theirs soon)

You know after Exams are done, y’all need to enjoy and flex, yeah(The Halal way).

Trust me when I say this is a perfect way for you to have fun while fostering your spirituality and religious understanding.

So here we go, Hmmm(clears throat), I have the distinguished honour to present to you all the MSSN FUTA Sisters’ Hangout 2022, themed, The Fragile Vessels

This hangout is set to bring together all Muslim Sisters on FUTA campus and its environs to have a funstastic and educative time

whilst benefiting immensely from the wealth of knowledge that the event speakers will be dishing out.


(a) 4 Event Speakers

(b) 2 Panelist Sessions

(c) Icebreakers



(f) Giveaway

(g) Quran verse memorization


(h) And last but not the least Spoken word poetry

Wow, all these for we sisters alone?

Yes, my dear sister. Y’all are queens and you don’t deserve any lesser.

When will the hangout hold?

When will the hangout hold?

Sunday, 27th November, 2022.

Where will it hold?

Our very own FUTA Central Mosque

And what’s left?

In the coming days, we’ll unveil our esteemed speakers, panelists and their respective topics, so keep calm, drink water and anticipate.

So save the date, prepare yourself and tell a beloved friend too.

With utmost Love ,



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