Sow your seeds this Sha’baan – before its too late

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sow your seeds ramadan donations - MSSN FUTA

Ramadan has brought us together more than we could possibly have imagined!

Dear Brother/Sister, Ramadan is moving towards us and we are here hoping, waiting, and preparing for the arrival of this blessed month.

If there is something that stands out about Ramadan, it is the spirit of togetherness!

Where we all come together, sit together, wake together, worship together, and even eat together!

Sow your seeds in ramadan - MSSN FUTA

With no iota of doubt, this breed of love amongst us breeds unity, care, happiness, and most of all, Spiritual Upliftment.

In a community with over 1500 Muslims where an average of over 400 Muslims come together to sit a gathering of Islamic Knowledge and eventually sit together to break their fasts. What could be more beautiful than that?

First is a portion of food for the Soul,
Then followed by food for the body,
In the Blessed Month of Ramadan!
What could be more beneficial than that?!

Would you not like me to point you to an act? An act of love, generosity, and kindness.
Where you get to reap the benefits in this world and the next,
And meet your Lord in a state that is pleasing, free of distress,
O My Brother, O my Sister, Don’t read this without sowing this seed.

Join us in feeding about 400 Muslims this Ramadan,
To facilitate food for their body, soul, and mind,
While they benefit from Tafseer of the Holy Qur’an,
And break their fasts in a manner that brings joy to thy hearts.

Join us in feeding about 400 Muslims with your N1000 and above by donating generously to:

Account number: 1011349517
Bank Name: Zenith Bank
Account name: MSSN FUTA

Rajab is the month of preparing the seed,
Sha’baan is the month of Cultivation,
And Ramadan is the month of Harvest.

Now the question is:
What seeds are sowing this Sha’baan?

P.S – If you would like to contribute in other means or contact MSSN FUTA for more information, kindly contact:

Ameer, Ismail AbdulHafeedh
Ameer, MSSN FUTA on;
Phone number: +2348161885095


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