5 Things to Take Good CARE of During these TURBULENT Times (EXAMS + TESTS)

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take good care of yourself

It is quite difficult to write to students during this period because even if we jam signboard for road, we no dey read am for now. We do not intend to add to the number of lectures notes that you have to read, however, we will be sharing some significant tips that can make the journey easier and smoother. Dear ọmọ ìyá, let’s journey together.

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take good care of yourself

5 Good Things To Take Good Care of During These Times

1.      Your Mental Health

Due to the nearness of exams and how choking activities can be, some of us are allowing it to take a great toll on our mental health. We will strongly advise you – Don’t let it get to you! In fact, The whole academic success becomes irrelevant if the mental health gets compromised. So please, take good care of your mental health – even number 2 says emphasizes it big time!

2.      Your Spirituality

This is highly important, your spirituality is what sets your affairs right especially during turbulent times. It always gives you a balance between hope and fear, and once you are spiritually devoted and maintain a good relationship with Allah, Allah makes affairs easy for you. Have faith ➡️ Do the work ➡️ Be hopeful of a good end result.

“And whosoever fears Allah and keeps his duty to Him, He (Allah) will make a way for him to get out (from every difficulty).” (At-Talaq Q65:2)

3.      Your Physical Well-being

We need to emphasize this, as most of us might be falling short in this aspect. Your physical well-being is important to you as your academic success is as well. Therefore, eat healthily, get sufficient rest, avoid unnecessary stress, stay away from harmful environments and maintain good personal hygiene. Ọmọ ìyá, of what importance is a brain filled with books & knowledge when the body is too weak to put that knowledge to use? – please, Take good care of Yourself.

4.      Your Academic Mindset 

We understand that you are striving for academic excellence (and we are also trying to be of help in whatever way possible), but as you can see, some important things come before that academic success that you crave so badly – Take good care of those things. Now to academic success, you need to get the right mindset to travel through that your journey. You need to put in the hard work. You don’t just sit put and expect success to come knocking on your door (it doesn’t work like that). So define your success and work towards it – Success awaits only those who do work!

Also, remember, success is relative – it can be an ‘A’ for you while it can be a ‘B’ for someone else, so define your success right and work towards achieving it. Set your expectations high enough, get motivated, and stay disciplined. Dear ọmọ ìyá, get up and go get the work done! (Tell Yourself: If na to give up, that time don pass!)

5.      Your Emotional Intelligence

This is the moment we need one another the most. Keep good relations with people and maintain good conduct regarding your affairs with the people (both undergraduates & others). Attitude is a major ingredient in your academic success (if your certificate gets you a job, your attitude is what keeps the job). Be empathetic, show care and kindness towards the people (especially your fellow ọmọ ìyá), smile into their faces, and say to them – good words. Let’s keep pushing one another, and let’s keep motivating one another, not just in any direction but in the direction of the success we truly aspire for. If we are going to attain this success, then let’s do that – together!

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Yours in the Academic Struggle,
A Muslim Brother from MSSN FUTA


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