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Asalamu alaykum warahmatullah wabarokaatuh dear ọmọ ìyá,

Omo iya

We appreciate your efforts and sacrifices towards the success of the Ramadan Iftar Programme and other activities in between.

Despite the tension of tests and exams,

You decided to uphold the Brotherhood, strong and tight!

Despite the pangs of hunger that you might feel while fasting,

You did not show tiredness or slack one bit!

Despite the distance and the unforeseen circumstances,

You still stood tall and made sure things go well as planned,

Despite how sudden we might barge into your schedule,

You made sacrifices and decided to go for what’s best for us all.

In times of rainfall and under the scorching sun ,

You did not give up in running helter skelter to give us the best.

In the times that situation might want want to get out hand,

You did not get angry or leave it to others and flee.

What more can we use to appreciate these category of people?

The ones that prepared ‘party jollof’ for us out of limited resources,

And made other sumptuous meals that our eyes and mouth cannot resist.

Can “Thank you” really be enough to appreciate you for all you have done?

We can only pray to Allah to appreciate you on our behalf, and place it heavy on your scales in this life and the Next.

With Love & Gratitude we say:


With Love as always,



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