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Title: Unveiling the true Muslim Image

Reported by: Fareedah Muhammadur-Rooji M.
Sunday July 16th 2023, Obakekere masjid FUTA.

With the audience sitting in anticipation and pondering over the topic of the lecture, “The Muslim Image”, the lecturer began with the opening remarks and the tasleem. He embarked on a journey to dispel the shadows cast upon their faith. The lecturer described at length, the image painted of Muslims by non-Muslims, highlighting the role the media has played in the matter. He enjoined the audience to be careful of such wrong images; reminding them that such were also done during the time of the Rosuul yet the Muslims weren’t derailed from holding on to their religion then.

The symphony
He discussed a few of the clashes that could occur especially in a multi-religious setting like Nigeria and a few among the audience nodded in affirmation. He laid emphasis on the fact that muslims should overlook issues that are less fundamental and can cause conflict of opinions. Like a symphony, Muslims should rather stand together with one voice to form an impenetrable wall of unity and present a good image.

“Going logically mad”
A burst of laughter occured among the audience when he spoke about how Muslims should stand their ground, ask for their rights and in cases where need be, they can go “logically mad. This intriguing concept was further explained by the lecturer as speaking up when required and putting the good use of eloquent speech and writing to their advantage.

The fighting swords
Also, he encouraged Muslims to hold fast to their fighting swords – prophetic Dua – to conquer life challenges. With this, they would not fall into Shaitonic traps and create bad perception of Islam.
He also proffered intellectual, physical and psychological solutions for Muslims to live a successful life and uphold a golden untainted image of Islam and Muslims generally.

In conclusion, the lecturer supplicated to Allah (SWT), seeking blessings and guidance for everyone present. The powerful words resonated, weaving an aura of hope and unity that lingered long after the lecture ended.


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