#2DaysToRamadan: Completing the Holy Qur’an in Ramadan

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How to complete the Holy Qur'an in the glorious month of Ramadan in 30days



How to complete the Holy Qur'an in the glorious month of Ramadan in 30days

In the LIGHT OF RAMADAN is a Series by the MSSN FUTA PUBLICITY COMMITTEE which began in the last 10days of Shaban to Ramadan bringing Ramadan related topics, Ethics, Lifestyle, Ramadan principles, Do’s and Don’ts, and more.

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*Ways to complete the holy Qur’an in the Glorious Month*

📍To complete it within 30days

*At least one Juz in a day*

▪️ *Al-Fajr*- 4 pages
▪️ *Al-Zuhr*- 4 pages
▪️ *Al-Asr*- 4 pages
▪️ *Al-Maghrib*- 4 pages
▪️ *Al-Ishai*- 4 pages

📍To complete it within 15days

*At least two Juz in a day*

▪️ *Al-Fajr*- 8pages
▪️ *Al-Zuhr*- 8 pages
▪️ *Al-Asr*- 8 pages
▪️ *Al-Maghrib*- 8pages
▪️ *Al-Ishai*- 8pages

📍To complete the Holy Qur’an within 12 days

*At least two and half Juz in a day*

▪️ *Al-Fajr*- 10 pages
▪️ *Al-Zuhr*- 10pages
▪️ *Al-Asr*- 10pages
▪️ *Al-Maghrib*- 10 pages
▪️ *Al-Ishai*- 10pages

📍To complete it within 10days

*At least three Juz in a day*

▪️ *Al-Fajr*- 12 pages
▪️ *Al-Zuhr*- 12pages
▪️ *Al-Asr*- 12pages
▪️ *Al-Maghrib*- 12 pages
▪️ *Al-Ishai*- 12 pages

📍To complete it within 6days

*At least five Juz in a day*

▪️ *Al-Fajr*- 20pages
▪️ *Al-Zuhr*- 20 pages
▪️ *Al-Asr*- 20 pages
▪️ *Al-Maghrib*- 20pages
▪️ *Al-Ishai*- 20pages



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