Call Back to School: Should We Be HAPPY or SAD?

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After the lingering ASUU Strike which started from Feb 12 up till this moment – making a stretch of an 8 whole months, it is such a relief that the strike has finally been called off. The next question is – What is the fate of a student like me, like YOU?

Should we be happy or… sad?

Or perhaps just run a middle course.

Well, as for FUTA, a light has been lit already and we need to find a way around it whether we like it or not. This is a tangled situation that is different for everyone.

After 8 months, can we truly call this a light at the end of the tunnel?
Or do we call it…, a sudden fire shining bright without control?

Call Back to School: Should we be  happy or Sad

Amidst the 8 months strike, most of us have moved on already, finding one or two things to engage ourselves with, some have learnt a new skill (good for them), some have furthered in seeking more knowledge (excellent!), some have taken job roles, some have travelled out of the country, some have moved to private institutions, some are striving to make ends meet and for a few and a sad remembrance, some have also died.

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Pushing this further, some are still where they were about 8 months ago, confused about the entire situation or perhaps struggling for survival within their own space.

If I will be asked, If you will be asked,…

We all have our stories to tell!

Now, how quick are we expected to make this sudden shift towards academics and schooling?

Is this a train that everyone can board so easily? – Definitely not!

Now to the question that keeps resounding in the head of most of us; 

Where do I start from? 

Where do you start from?

A straightforward answer to that is something that I can barely provide you with; I don’t even have that answer for myself. However, here are some tips that I believe can help you navigate that journey better.

1.      Start Safe and Smart

Do not put yourself in too much of a rush and don’t lag as well, place yourself in a middle spot – safe and smart! Just as they do say “Don’t die before death catches up with you”. Don’t be in too much haste and make wrong decisions that can be detrimental to your situation. Think twice before you leap.

2.      Find a Common Ground

Many students will fall into this category. You must have been engaging in one thing or the other, either it is a new skill you are learning or perhaps an existing skill you are developing. Do you have to drop everything totally and just leave them behind? I would not advise that, so find a common ground between the two – more of a balance. Find a way for both (academics & skills) to coexist – peacefully & successfully.

3.      Place your Priorities Right

Now you will ask, what if you are unable to find a common ground? Well, my first response will be for you to look deeper and think beyond the box. However, in either case, if you can find a common ground or not, you need to set your priorities right at a given point in time. Are you currently in a critical period in school? A period of tests or exams? – Pay more attention to Academics.

Currently on break or other not-so-important parts pay attention to other important things. (That’s a free tip! You need not pay for it. 🙃)

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4.      A Bird at hand…

A bird at hand they say is worth a thousand in the bush. Give priority to that which is certain than that which is not. Do you need me to explain further and better? – Let me do the stress & honour.

If you are an average or very brilliant student that has been maintaining high grades in school, don’t trade it for anything else – provided it is not your life, family or spirituality. Also, if your other activity aside from schooling is not very certain yet (i.e it is still carrying you to where you don’t know), then pay attention to that which is very certain to a remarkable extent – Academics.

5.      Seek Help if you need any

You need not shy away from this, if it is essential to you, then ask!

There’s little or no harm in asking, you don’t have to always figure it all out on your own. You can ask others for help when needed and leverage their knowledge and experience as well. Also, if the tables were to be turned around, and you are in the best position to offer some help – then do not hesitate!

6.      Land Safely

Whichever approach you might be employing, whatever way you intend to figure things out, it is important you land safely. Don’t take a great toll on yourself. Do what works for you. Take care of your mental health, physical well-being & emotional intelligence. Be good to yourself and don’t deprive yourself of the benefits. Do it! – for YOU.

I wish you a smooth journey ahead and may the odds be in your favor by the will of Allah, The Most High.

Written by: Olapade Yusuf O.

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