DAWAH NIGHT – Explanation of Hadith Number 18 of An-Nawawi (Muslim character)

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As-salaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuhu

Dear Ọmọ Ìyá

Who is your role model?

The best of mankind to choose as a role model is no other person than our Noble Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi was-sallam).

Allah described him to be of an “outstanding” character.

Today will be another day to learn one of the attributes the Prophet has enjoined us cultivate.

Join us today, at our usual spot for another insightful

Dawah night

TOPIC: Explanation of Hadith Number 18 of An-Nawawi (Muslim character)
مفهوم حديث ١٨ من أحاديث أربعين النووي (خلق المسلم)

LECTURER: Ameer Abdulbaasit Oyewole (Ameer, MSSN FUTA)

MODERATOR: Bro Fareed Erinfolami (IPE 300L)

DATE: Wednesday, 28/02/2024

TIME: 07:00pm – 08:30pm


Bring your friends and colleagues

Join the train of goodness

May Almighty Allah ease our affairs and reward us aboundantly. Aamin

With Love ,



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