MSSN FUTA Get Skilled 1.0 : 21st Century Skills Acquisition Program for Everyone

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MSSN FUTA Get Skilled 1.0 - IT Skills acquisition

MSSN FUTA Presents Online Skills Acquisition Program


MSSN FUTA Get Skilled 1.0 is an online skills acquisition program powered by MSSN FUTA to train our Muslim brothers and Sisters with the knowledge of today’s 21st century demanding Skills.

MSSN FUTA Get Skilled 1.0 - IT Skills acquisition
These trainning is 101% FREE and below are what you get to learn 👇

📌 *Graphics Design* (With Phone & Computer)

📌 *Basic Computing Skills* (Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel)

📌 *Intro to Programming Languages* (HTML, CSS, Javascript and Python)


The tool you’ll be making use of will be sent in the group and also you’ll be guide on how to get them.


The training will be held in closed Whatsapp Group. It is highly recommended that you join ONE GROUP for maximum productivity.


Get Skilled 1.0 (Graphics Design with phone and PC)

Get Skilled 1.0 (Office Computing skills and Intro to programming)

Date of Commencement

The program will commence on 15th of June, 2020. Time-table of the how program will be run can be viewed below.

MSSN FUTA Get Skilled 1.0 Timetable

For more information;

 You can as well contact the below information for details

Ameer Ismail Abdul Hafeez




Bro Sanusi Abdulhamid

Director, MSSN FUTA Get Skilled 1.0



Bro Adebisi Awwal

Public Relations Officer



May Almighty Allah make it easier for us all (Aameen)


Saheed Hammed · June 14, 2020 at 6:37 am

As salam alaykum……., I think the link to join the training group should have been better put in your write up. Or may be the WhatsApp icon link will serve the purpose. Barakallahu fiikum.

    Sanusi Abdulhamid · June 14, 2020 at 7:11 am

    Wa Alaekum Salam waramotulahi wabarakatuhu

    The group link was at first not intentionally put online so as to avoid people spamming the group.

    But we have come up with a preventive measures and this article is now updated with the Whatsapp LINK Group to Join

    Allahumo Ameen

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