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how to maximize ramadan pdf

Have you been wondering how to make the most of our much anticipated month of miracle (RAMADAN)? If yes, we will be sharing with you in this post – some tips on how to maximize Ramadan.

how to prepare for Ramadan spiritually

Assalam alaykum warahmotullahi wabarakatuh dear brothers and sisters, 😊

In the past few days (before now), we have been sharing a lot of pre-Ramadan tips on our various social media platforms – such as Youtube, Facebook, and Closed Whatsapp Group.

You can check some of our RAMADAN VIDEO SERIES HERE on YOUTUBE.

In this article, we will be sharing with you some tips you can find useful in preparing for Ramadan and making the most of it.

How To Prepare for Ramadan Spiritually

Do you already have a workable plan for maximizing the immense benefits of those 29 or 30 days?

If so, Barakallah feeh.

If not it’s not too late!
This is the best time for drawing up something rewarding and easy to be consistent with.

Remember – you can either be intentional about getting the most out of this month and you will (Bi IdhniLLAH) or be passive and gain just a little.

We pray Almighty to accept all our strivings throughout the month and beyond.

Practical Tips on How To Maximize Ramadan

β­• You can find in the document attached above and below, some tips you can find useful in preparing for Ramadan.

How To Maximize Ramadan (PDF)

Bonus Tip!

Do not set too high tasks, stay consistent in whatever task you set, even if little. πŸš€

For the Love of RamadanπŸ’š,

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