MSSN FUTA Freshers Orientation Short Story/Poetry

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As-Salaamu Alaykum Dear Brethren.



What to Write About:
You are to write a Short Story Or a Poetry.

Any piece submitted must be about Muslims or an Islamic issue. This means that at least one character in your fiction piece must be a Muslim, your poetry must discuss a topic for or about Muslims, and your artwork must showcase Islam in some shape or form.

Do not Plagiarize!

You are responsible for completing the submission process correctly and alerting us to any problems you encounter.

Al-Furqan Press, MSSN-FUTA accepts no liability for works not received due to a failure on your part to follow the instructions correctly.

Submission Guidelines:

This is an Islamic Settings, so please in as much as we approve religious romance, erotic and vulgar words are not allowed. We are all humans and we want to see human emotion, feelings, laughter and tears. Don’t only tell us what Islam teaches. Show us how Muslims act, talk and feel. And that is a very broad spectrum, we admit freely.

Also, please know your audience. They may be any age, color, religion, or culture, but they probably love reading and appreciate good art. So make sure you don’t include high-level religious jargon or discuss a specific culture without explanations. Don’t assume that everyone will know what everything means, and please make judicious use of Arabic. Read your piece as if you were not Muslim and then judge for yourself. Better still, ask a few friends to read it before submitting. You’d be surprised by how much a second and third pair of eyes can pick up.

All written entries must be in English, You may use the occasional word in another language if it is necessary for your piece.

Finally, we fully support freedom of speech, but as Muslims we also insist on respectful speech “whoever fears Allah and the Day of Judgment let him speak of good or keep mute” Sahih Bukkari. If you make use of profanity or other types of negative or offensive speech, please think very carefully and make sure it fits the occasion, character and story line. No sexually graphic story lines or pornographic artwork, please.

How to Submit:
Submissions deadline is Friday 19th November, 2021. i.e. 19/11/2021.

All submissions must be submitted via whatsapp to The Editor-in-Chief
Or Put a Call through:

All submissions must be accompanied by a short bio not more than 100 words stating what your write-up is all about like an abstract, Your Full Name, Department, Level and Phone Number. Your submission itself must be a word document attachment.

Please NOTE that no submissions will be accepted immediately after 12:00am on Friday 19th November, 2021.

You may contact us with all other concerns by dialing the contact info above.

Good luck and happy writing!



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