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Assalamu alaykum dear brethren.

We give thanks to Almighty ALLAH for making the MSSN FUTA Website project a successful one. Although it started with a a thought which we were not sure would work out but Aliamdulilah, here we are.


MSSN FUTA Official Website Live Prevew
MSSN FUTA Official Website Live Prevew

Aim of the MSSN FUTA Website

The major aim of the website is to “support” the MSSN FUTA Public Relation Office (P.R.O) in passing and storing information for Muslim Students on Campus. While the benefits are many, some of the aims we hope to achieve are;

  • Sharing Information verified by the P.R.O Office
  • Making our Islamic Lectures Available for Downloads and Listening
  • Database for Saving Past Informations and Announcements
  • Al-furqan PRESS Research and Write-ups
  • Access to Information 24/7 for Muslim Students on Campus
  • Getting to Know About the Past and Current MSSN EXCOS
  • Promoting and Sharpening writing skills of Al-furqan PRESS Members
  • Platform to share Islamic Resources, Articles and Facts
  • And more (Information approved by Ameer and/or the P.R.O Office)

MSSN FUTA Website Credits – Behind the Scenes

MSSN FUTA Website was made possible with the help of Almighty Allah and the 2019/2020 MSSN EXCOS|| However we wouldn’t forget to appreciate the below people for their efforts

  1. Ameer Ismail Abdul Hafeez
  2. Noibu Ameer Abdul Rahman Abdul Baasit
  3. Former Ameer Mustapha Ridwan (Al-Badawiy)
  4. Bro. Sanusi Abdulhamid (Lead Web Designer)
  5. Bro. Sanusi Abubakar (Asst. Web Designer)
  6. Bro. Oyewole Yussuf (Editor-in-chief)
  7. Adebisi Awwal (P.R.O 1)
  8. Olapade Yussuf (P.R.O 2)
  9. Adio Fuad (Asst. General Secretary)
  10. Bro Hassan Orekoya (Graphics Department)
  11. And the entire FUTA MSSN EXCOS and suporting Non-Executives members

Once again, we say Jazakumullah Khairan to everyone.

Please: If there’s something you’d notice in terms of bug, kindly contact Bro Sanusi Abdulhamid : 07030783384

 Copyright (c) MSSN FUTA Alfurqan PRESS ICT TEAM


Official Account for MSSN Federal Unviversity of Technology, Akure Branch


Hassan Ridwan · October 28, 2021 at 1:22 pm

JazakumuLLAHU khoiron, may Allah increase you in knowledge and piety

    Sanusi Abdulhamid · November 5, 2021 at 8:12 pm

    Wa antum Fajazakumullah khairan.


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