School Resumption: How Should You Prepare For FUTA Resumption

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With most of the FUTA students resuming today or probably during the week as expected, here are tips on how to prepare for school resumption as shared by The Publicity Committee, MSSN FUTA.


One of the difficulties that you might want to keep thinking of, as a FUTA Student is the preparations to make especially in this time of COVID-19.

Worry Not!

We’ve compiled a bunch of helpful tips for you to have a wonderful preparation for resumption.

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How Should You Prepare for School Resumption?

1. Get a lot of Face Masks and Hand Sanitizer

As the COVID-19 is raging, we supplicate to Almighty Allah to protect us from this virus. However, we are also all expected to follow the protocols and take preventive measures

2. Embrace Social Distancing

Let us all try and embrace social distancing at the moment to avoid the spread of the virus

3. Take Good Food

This resumption might mean you would have to do a lot of things by yourself. Thus, we advise students to resume with sufficient foodstuffs, take good food, and maintain good eating habits.

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4. Get Sufficient Rest

As much as we strive for success in our academics, there’s the need for strong body and strong immune system. To strike a balance, there’s the need to make efficient use of our time and take time to rest when necessary.

5. Be Security Concious

The safety of all Muslim Students is paramount to MSSN FUTA and we advise all students to stay alerted and be security concious. Be concious of what is happening around you.

6. Do your Adhkar

As Muslims, beyond taking safety precautions is seeking Allah’s protection from all forms of harms. Let us all be concious of our daily Adhkar (morning and evening).

7. Follow all Laid down Guidelines

For a safe and secure community for both lecturers and students, the University has put some guidelines in place. Let us all make sure we follow them.

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8. Don’t Put Others at Risk

As much as you want to keep yourself safe, Don’t put others at Risk. Follow all COVID-19 preventive measures and take the most of these tips that we have provided you.

Did we miss any helpful school resumption preparation tips? Kindly share with us in the comment section 🙂


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